Barcode scanners have evolved over the years to provide specific features required for any environment and application. Unlike欧宝网页 可以安装更简单,条形码扫描仪and deploy and offer powerful wired as well as highly portable wireless options. Barcode readers are functionally rich and provide many great features that help your business or organization streamline your workflow.

There are now more options than ever before to choose from. To select the right scanner, it's important to answer some basic questions.

  1. What kind of barcodes will you be reading?see our guide to barcode types
  2. Do you need wireless capability to move around?
  3. Where will the device be used? Is it a rugged or harsh environment?

These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered before deciding which barcode scanner works best for you. Our guide below gives you a little more information on each barcode scanner type available.

General Duty Scanners

VoyagerFor small to medium-sized businesses. Track inventory and assets in retail, library, tool crib, back office and access control applications. These devices are easy to use – very little or no set up or training required.

General Duty Scanners
Handheld Scanners

Xenon ScannerBuilt for specific challenges and work environments. From retail-ready, high scan intensity scanners to rugged rubberized warehouse scanners, we have the handheld scanning solutions to meet your needs.

All Handheld Scanners
Hands Free

Orbit Hands Free ScannerOur laser scanners and area imagers feature a range of scanning technologies to increase productivity, lower operational costs and ensure reliable scan performance.

All Hands-Free Scanners

Honeywell SG20Every department in your hospital has different barcode requirements. Honeywell has the unique scanning solutions and healthcare workflow expertise to match.

All Healthcare Scanners

In-Counter Scanners

Honeywell StratosIncrease throughput, profitability and customer satisfaction. Our scanner and scale solutions enable cashiers to aggressively scan barcodes in high volume retail and grocery environments.

In-Counter Scanners
Industrial Scanners

Honeywell GraniteBring on the toughest workplaces. Our industrial-grade barcode scanners’ rubberized casings can withstand harsh chemicals, drops and extreme temperatures. Rugged, hardened scanners for demanding applications and locations.

Industrial Scanners
Pocket Scanners

Honeywell SF61BHigh-performance scanning in a pocketable form factor – because traditional gun-shaped scanners aren’t always the best fit for highly mobile workers. When portability and convenience is required, these scanners fit the bill.

All Hands-Free Scanners





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