Barcoding 101: How to Get Started for New or Established Companies




These are tried and true practices. Practices that everyone understands. Processes that employees are comfortable with. But in nearly all cases, these inefficient processes create unexpected consequences such as:

Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Barcode Scanners


Zebra引入了其第一条线条和无绳和无绳的崎s扫描仪,这些扫描仪将承受最苛刻的应用。它比以往任何时候都更高,以实现企业扫描仪的无与伦比的性能和耐用性。与可比较的设备相比,Zebra 3600扫描仪系列的IP等级为IP65和IP67(型号依赖),具有最高的下降,翻滚和密封规格。

The Zebra 3600 provides 6 different configurations to provide flexibility for any use case while every model provides advanced scanning technology to enable first-time every time capture of barcodes at farther distances in almost any condition.

CloneNGo - Painless Honeywell Device Cloning

If you manage multiple devices across your organization or have a limited IT staff, you understand how time consuming it can be to configure devices after a factory reset or purchasing new. The task takes valuable time better spent on more important things. Thankfully, Honeywell provides a tool to make this process much moremanageableand cut your device configuration time by fractions using CloneNGo.

Honeywell AutoCube-负担得起的固定尺寸

霍尼韦尔AutoCube™8200是一个固定的尺寸ystem that enables customers to optimize space in multiple use cases, quickly and effectively. Whether it is a retail store of a courier company, a shipping station of a DC, a retail ship-from-store location or an inbound station of a warehouse, the AutoCube 8200 system provides an efficient way to achieve space optimization while helping to reduce shipping chargebacks and improve revenue capture. And, its low price means that buyers will realize a fast return on investment.

条形码类型 - 标识和理解

条形码拼贴Choosing the right scanner can be the difference in how effectively your system works. Choosing the right type of barcode can be equally important. Following is an explanation of the two most common barcode families as well as an explanation of some of the common barcodes associated with them.

Trends in Warehouse Management Hardware

The past five years have dramatically altered the warehouse management landscape. Looking for improved efficiency and increased profitability, companies have adopted new technologies that have transformed the way various warehouse operations are conducted. In order to stay in the competition and keep up with the growing complexity of the business world, warehouses must implement advanced technologies and warehouse management hardware.
Warehouse management hardware – like warehouse management in general – has undergone a serious transformation. The introduction of wireless technology and mobility has launched a variety of new hardware products guaranteed to improve an organization’s productivity and – ultimately – profitability. Take a look at some of the newest warehouse management hardware solutions:
Warehouse Management System (WMS)

新的Xenon 1902g无电池2D无线扫描仪

Honeywell announces the Xenon battery free wireless scanner for retail and warehouse customers who need the freedom of wireless but not the costs and hassles associated with replacing and managing lithium-ion batteries, Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions (S&PS) is excited to announce the launch of the Xenon 1902g-bf battery free 2D wireless scanner. The Xenon1902g-bf combines the class leading performance of Xenon with super cap technology to provide a wireless scanner that typically scans over 450 times on a single charge and can go from no charge to ready to scan in under 15 seconds.


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