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        Afinia Digital Color Printers

        Helping Companies Make Their Own Labels

        Businesses across the globe are saving time and money while improving their labeling processes.

        We have built a reputation for providing quality products that make label printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever, while never losing focus on your number one overall concern:solid return on investment.

        Whether you are outsourcing your labels or are an experienced label printer or converter, Afinia Label has a wide variety of in-house professional and industrial label printing and finishing solutions to suit your needs.

        Lower Volume Higher Volume
        L301L301 Printer L501L501 Printer L701L701 Printer L801L801 Printer L901L901Printer
        Ink/Media Cost: Higher
        Ink/Media Cost: Medium
        Ink/Media Cost: Low
        Ink/Media Cost: Very Low
        Ink/Media Cost: Very Low
        Volume 1K–2.5K labels/month 2.5K–15K+ labels/month 2.5K–20K labels/month 5K–70K+ labels/month 10K–100K+ labels/month
        Ink/Label Costs Higher Medium Low Very Low Very Low
        Print Speed
        Print Speed Low Medium Fast Fast Fast
        Max Print Width
        Max Print Width 6英寸 8.5 inches 8.5 inches 8.5 inches 8.5 inches
        Max Roll Diameter
        Max Roll Diameter 6 8 6 8 12
        Ink Type
        Ink Type Dye Dye/Pigment (interchangeable) Dye Dye Dye

        What Our Customers Say

        Customers across the world say that our professional equipment pays for itself by a number of means:

        • Virtual elimination of label inventory and obsolete labels
        • Label cost savings vs. outsourced, sheet-fed, or competitors’ inkjet printers
        • Reducing time-to-market by avoiding lead-times and delays

        Many customers purchase Afinia Label solutions to replace “less expensive” ones,reducing ink costs by up to 80%. Ink savings alone has many Afinia Label customers paying for a new printer within six months.

        Be mindful not just of purchase price, but cost of ownership. “Less expensive” printers can become more costly when your printing volumes reach a certain point.

        Retail Personalization

        Custom-labeled products

        Connect your brand to customers through personalized product packaging.

        On-the-spot custom packaging takes a standard retail product and—with the help of a desktop label printer—relabels it in a way that gives it a personal touch. Typically, this is done by adding or replacing a prominent graphic element with a person’s name or an image. Design and color schemes can also be altered by customers as labels are created.

        Label Personalization Workflow

        This type of on-demand custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

        Bottom-line benefits

        • Longer retention of product with lasting branding effects
        • Increase perceived value—over half of consumers see custom-packaged products as more valuable
        • Enhance customer experiences—brand, product, and shopping
        • Increase foot traffic in physical retail situations
        • Combat online shopping by offering extra value in store

        Memjet Technology

        Providing remarkable simplicity, speed, and profitability in color printing

        Memjet does not make printers. Instead, they make printers better by supplying innovative technologies and components to partners like Afinia Label. These printing technologies include blistering-fast printheadsthat are supported by Memjet controller chips, software, and ink.

        Revolutionizing Label Printing

        Memjet is changing the way businesses print. In some cases, the technology is even creating entirely new business opportunities. By enabling full-color printing at the speed of production, businesses are able to reduce or eliminate storage and shipping costs. Full-color labels can now be printed on-demand with variable data; and short runs can now be printed affordably, for a low total cost of ownership.

        Waterfall Technology

        Afinia Label printers feature “Waterfall” Technology. Our Memjet-powered Color Label Printers feature 70,400 jets per printhead that release an astounding 700 million ink drops per second.

        Memjet Printhead
        It’s more energy efficient. It’s more mechanically sound. And, it’s up to eight times faster. Even faster than most black and white printers. The technology is a radical shift in printhead design. It literally changes everything and has a useful life of up to millions of inches of printed labels. Also, since the printhead is stationary with the paper moving underneath, there are less moving parts, for added speed and reliability.

        Memjet & Afinia Label

        Afinia Label emerged as a digital label printing system leader in 2012 when they collaborated with Memjet to co-develop a commercially-viable narrow web label printing solution. Afinia Label is now one of the largest distributors of Memjet-based label printers in the world.

        Not only does Memjet technology make our L701, L801, and L901 Digital Color Label Printers—some of the fastest in their class—it also creates labels that cost up to 85% less that other inkjet label printers.

        For more information on Memjet printhead technology,click here.

        HP Thermal Inkjet Printing

        A Fit for Every Need

        HP’s thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology provides incredible versatility, making it a popular choice around the globe for a wide range of label printing needs.

        HP & Afinia Label

        HP is committed to innovating for everyone, transforming the way people work and live. Afinia Label incorporates that innovative technology into label printers to offer dependable, high-quality products for companies wanting to increase their return on investment.

        Afinia and HP

        Afinia Label features HP thermal inkjet technology in several label printers, including the L301 Industrial Color Label Printer and L501 Duo Ink Label Printer, to offer customers economical, easy-to-use, and professional-quality label printing capability.

        Why People are Choosing HP TIJ

        在标签印刷和可靠性是必要的pivotal feature of HP’s thermal inkjet technology. It’s also easy to use, and HP Speciality Printing Systems (SPS) provides the necessary tools to ensure a speedy and successful integration into your business, minimizing development costs, and accelerating your arrival to vivid, beautifully labeled products.

        As a longtime SPS partner, Afinia Label has loads of experience integrating HP TIJ technology.

        Watershield™ Technology

        Enhanced durability for water-exposed labels

        Watershield-printed labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet labels1. This makes the L801 Plus perfect for applications such as chilled beverages, foods, chemical or pharmaceutical products. This new technology also produces deeper and more neutral blacks.

        Ideal for the top growing food and beverage categories2

        Food and Beverage

        Available in Afinia Label Printers


        Watershield Technology is available in the L801 Plus and L901 Plus Color Label Printers

        Enhanced Water Resistance

        Watershield-printed labels are much better at resisting the effects of moisture than those printed using traditional inkjet.

        More Neutral Black Chroma

        Blacks and grays are more neutral in color, providing truer tones with less color tinting.

        Safe Chem Safer Chemical Compositions

        Watershield inks carry much less severe chemical warnings than traditional inkjet, UV, solvent, or liquid toner inks.

        These inks are free from phthalate esters, benzophenone, bisphenol-A (BPA), HAPs – Hazardous Air Pollutants, SVHCs, heavy metals, and aromatic amines.

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